Breaking down the Instagram Algorithm

Rochelle Lowe

Rochelle Lowe

With over 9,000,000 users of Instagram in Australia, it’s no wonder that there’s discussion about how the algorithm works… and what can help your profile be seen more often!

Instagram’s philosophy is about maximising the time people spend on the channel – so if your content is engaging, and keeping people lingering, then you are going to be seen more often.

There are some key factors that Instagram look for when they prioritise a profile over another.

1. Relationship

If you’re close with other accounts and you are interacting with each other, then Instagram notes this and sees that you are connecting with profiles and therefore, using your account regularly.

2. Interest

Depending on what people are searching will have an effect on your profile and its position. Instagram assesses people’s past behaviour, so if people are looking for ‘baby animals’ then posts about baby animals will rank higher.

3. Timing

It’s important that you are posting when people are ‘online.’ Instagram wants you to know your target audience so if you are responding to this and sharing content when they are online, you will be rewarded.

In terms of the algorithm itself and what will work in your favour, it’s important that you don’t JUST focus on this. Having your own identity and vision is key, so don’t lose that in your strive to ‘meet’ Instagram’s algorithm.

1. Post more often

We’re not saying that you post anything and everything… but if you have the ability to increase quality AND quantity, go ahead!

Just remember, that if you are posting more than once a day, be mindful that your followers may not appreciate this content overload. It’s about finding that right balance and what’s going to work for your brand.

2. Include more videos

Videos mean that your audience is on Instagram for longer… and that’s their goal, to have people maximising their time on this channel.

Creating variety in your content is also important because it shows diversity.

3. Be personable and creative

It’s not about posting on social media for the sake of it. Make your content personable. Include content that is relatable. Ask questions to your audience, send messages, write comments. Instagram rewards accounts that do this!

There are other ways that Instagram prioritises content but just remember, it’s about quality all the time.

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