Ten reasons your website needs a redesign

Rochelle Lowe

Rochelle Lowe

We often get asked by our clients whether their website needs a redesign.

The answer to this question really comes down to whether your website meets ‘standards.’ Here are ten reasons you may want to consider it.

1. Your website is looking dated and old

With the constant evolution of website design it can be hard to stay on-trend but you also want your website to attract business and reflect your brand. A good gauge is looking at your competitors’ websites. How do they compare to yours?

2. Non-responsive, non-mobile friendly websiteLet’s explain what this means. A non-responsive or non-mobile friendly website means that it can’t be viewed properly on different screen sizes. This can cause a loss of mobile web traffic and ultimately, potential loss in sales.

We have a rule of thumb that website are to be built with mobile specs first – ensuring that once a website is live, it can adapt to different size screens.

3. Old technology

You only have to look at how quickly technology changes – the development of apps, gadgets, software and social media. It’s imperative that your website caters for the constant development of technology.

4. Outdated information

One clear sign of a dated website is dated content. How often do you update your imagery, blogs or even personal contact information? If you have a ‘specials’ page, how often are you updating the information on here?
Outdated information on products or services can confuse and frustrate customers. Adding fresh, new content keeps people coming back to your website.

5. You can’t easily update your websiteWith a wide range of easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) available, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to update your own website. You shouldn’t need to pay a web developer for things such as content and imagery updates.

Wink Marketing can work with you on an easy-to-use CMS system such as WordPress or Adobe Muse.

6. You’re not ranking in search enginesNot ranking in search engines can have a detrimental effect on your business. Not many people go past the first page on Google so it’s important that you have a well structured website that Google can recognise.

There are also other things to consider when you want to rank with Google and we would be happy to talk to you about this.

7. It does not accurately reflect your brandPerhaps you started your business a few years ago when your brand was just being established. Now that you have a clear brand, identity and direction, it might be time to reconsider what website design you have.

Does your website reflect who your business is? Is it something that you’re proud of? Does it showcase the services or products that you offer? These are key reasons of why a website redesign might be needed.

8. It’s clunky and can’t add new features easily
There are a vast amount of features and functionality that can improve visitor experience on your website. Things like; a roadmap, easy-to-find contact information, clear navigation and security are a few things that are essential.

It’s also important that you think about simplicity with your website design. Having too much of anything can be distracting and annoying for your customers.

9. You’re not social
Social media barely existed when many websites were built, let alone integrated with your website!

It’s imperative that not only is your business present on social media these days, but you have links from your website to social media. People are time-poor these days so the more exposure you have for your business, the greater the chances of you being found.

10. No clear call to action

While it’s great to have a beautiful website that is full of amazing images and content, you need to ask yourself what you want your visitors to do on your website. Having a clear customer journey on your website will help get your customers where you want.

If you want more information about website redesigns let us know. We are more than happy to chat to you.

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