The term ‘marketing’ means…

Rochelle Lowe

Rochelle Lowe

‘Marketing’ is a term that is used quite loosely – yet it’s one of the most fundamental services that a business needs to succeed.

Below are the 4 core pillars of marketing – and its purpose.

To Build Brand Awareness

Your brand acts as the foundation that your entire company will be built around. If you don’t have a clear, definitive idea of who your company is, then how can you expect your consumers to understand?

To successfully create, or even re-create a strong, successful brand that reaches your target audience, you need to define the following:

·Who are we as a company?

·Who are our buyer personas?

·What makes us different?

·How do we convey our expertise through content and graphics?

·What value are we providing?

·What makes customers buy from us? What makes them return?

Once you’ve clearly established a foundation as a brand, you can more effectively begin executing a marketing campaign and work to raise brand awareness. In doing so, you’ve ensured that the attention your brand receives is qualified and directly in line with your target audience.

To Engage with your Target Audience

Networking in the 21st century has moved from simply having the ability to connect with friends and family, to now being able to stay informed and connected with brands through newsfeeds and alerts.

The fact that your consumers and target audience have the ability to connect and engage in conversations with you (or your competitors), makes it critically important that you’re tapping into this incredible resource.

Some of the more effective ways of staying engaged with your target audience include:

·Participating (and engaging) in relevant social media networks and channels

·Monitoring and responding to comments on your blog as well as reviews

·Comment on other top industry blogs to build relationships and stay visible

By staying engaged with your target audience, you effectively humanise your brand and also set yourself up as an ideal person to buy from or do business with.

To Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales

All business owners and marketers share one common thread; to generate customers and make money.

The foundation for lead generation in the digital age is quality marketing content delivered on a consistent basis. This means blogging, webinars, case studies, and visual content like infographics have become the new standard for generating enough traffic to your website in order to get the number of leads your business needs.

To Prove Industry Expertise

Everything you do throughout your entire marketing campaign should aim to achieve this.

Your content, client communication, and social media engagement should all focus on setting yourself and your company aside as industry thought leaders.

Once again, content reigns supreme here, as blogging as well as social media engagement are two of the most effective ways of conveying your expertise.

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