What are clients expectations of agencies?

Rochelle Lowe

Rochelle Lowe

In my previous experience, working for a few advertising agencies throughout my career and now running my own marketing business, I feel as though I have an idea about what clients are looking for when choosing an agency to work with them.

1. Experience and Industry Knowledge

Discussions I’ve had with current and past clients, it’s imperative that agencies provide a differentiated service. This means, the services they are offering meets clients’ objectives.

It’s also apparent that clients are looking for smaller, more specialised agencies that have strong technical capabilities.

As an owner of an agency, it’s important that we are constantly keeping up-to-date with new technologies and trends that are emerging.

Clients have mentioned to me that they want an agency that understands their business, and provides solutions that are targeted specifically for them, rather than a ‘cookie-cutter’ service.

2. Chemistry and Compatibility

Agency search and selection is a lot like dating! Compatibility does not just include being able to deliver but how well do the client and agency work together. Being able to get along and feeling comfortable with your agency is important.

Meeting clients face-to-face and building a relationship is just as important as delivering and meeting the businesses objectives.

3. Team Effort

A client told me the other day that it’s important to them that they know who from the agency will be working their account.

Getting your ‘A’ team to go and pitch for the business is one thing, but then having a junior team solely working on it after the business has been won is another thing.

It’s important that agencies are upfront with their clients about who will be working on their business. This also earns trust between the agency and their client.

4. Understanding the Business

As you may now have noticed, there is a theme that underpins most of these attributes, and that is the ability to communicate. And if you haven’t heard the saying before, “communication is key.”

From my previous experience, if an agency works to really understand its client’s business, then it will be able to build a strong and effective working relationship.

And if you think about this more deeply, how can an agency provide the best results for its client if they don’t know their business?

5. Transparency and Value

At the end of the day, an agency is in business to create value for its clients. Clients want a team they can be confident in, and they need an agency that is confident in its own abilities.

Just as we would expect clients to be upfront about their business, agencies need to be open about how they are operating as well.

A relationship is built on honesty, trust and respect. Even though it’s a business arrangement, the best way an agency can work is by being transparent and having the clients’ best interests at heart.

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