Where to from now?

Rochelle Lowe

Rochelle Lowe

The recent destruction that has occurred throughout Australia has brought so much uncertainty to society.

I was listening to a podcast from Kate Toon yesterday and she talked about when the Twin Towers went down, she was working for an advertising agency. When it happened, they had to rethink their ad campaigns, who their clients were and what work was being published. It was a sensitive time. There was so much angst, despair and worry.

Coming from a small community in the Southern Highlands, and being a local for more than 25 years, I would have to say, this is the hardest time we have gone through. The ravaging bushfires that so aggressively and catastrophically destroyed so much in its path, there was little we could do. The RFS, volunteers, police, ambulance services and the general community have been amazing and without any of these, there would have been so much more damage.

As an owner of a marketing agency, I am looking at the current situation in the Southern Highlands and saddened. Now is the time when we need to be pushing the Southern Highlands. Getting people to the area. Encouraging businesses that you can keep going and it’s ok to market yourselves. 

For many of us, we can’t sit and wait for things to settle down, as much as we would like to. We will provide help and assistance where we can but a lot of us need to keep business moving to pay our bills.

There are no wrong or right ways that we should be feeling now. There is loss, there is heartache, there is anxiety, but there is also hope, strength and determination.

I run a small business and need to keep things moving. I am working on my plan from here and I know a lot of other businesses are doing the same thing.

We are such a strong and supportive community already. Things will get better.

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